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Security Guard

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES _include the following. Other duties may be assigned._
• Maintaining compliance with internal standards, regulations and gaming regulations.
• Visually monitoring all areas of the property at all times in order to identify possible theft or safety risks.
• Actively monitor cash-handling areas, ground floor, upstairs, and various other areas of the property
• Research and review disputes, locate video evidence requested for investigations by other departments and conduct special surveillance assignments.
• Operating with phones, computers and other surveillance equipment, input/retrieve data, take photographs and make DVD’s.
• Maintaining the highest level of discretion and confidentiality while performing all surveillance duties.
• Meets the attendance guidelines of the job and adheres to regulatory, departmental and company policies.
• Perform supportive functions and other duties as assigned within the scope of this job description to be determined by the supervisor based on business needs.

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This is a part-time position. You’re required to work up to 40 hours a week.